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Year of the Horse transitions To Year of the Goat

Year of the Horse transitions To Year of the Goat


January 20th, 2015 – NEW YEAR – February 19th, 2015

We are now entering the last lunar cycle of the year of the Horse. As we prepare for the New Year, it’s time to tidy up and concentrate on completing any unfinished business.

Everyone should be cautious: this is considered the tail of the Horse, meaning it’s the last time the Horse can give you a good kick in the rear end before galloping off. Remember that one good deed can divert a hundred disasters. Keep wearing your year of the Horse charms and Flying Star adjustments until February 4th 2015, which begins the transition when the Horse leaves the throne to make way for the Year of the Wood Goat.


“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

~ Anonymous

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Year of the Horse Month of the Ox

RAT – There was a tricky situation, but you managed to escape unscathed. If you are still experiencing difficulties, they will soon be overcome. It’s time to surrender and yield to the common middle ground where balance and peace of mind are found. Release your personal agenda, in doing so you’ll find inner calm and will benefit the good of the whole. It’s a great time to go contemplate, observe, and rest. There is an extremely fortunate sign, a lucky chance or great opportunity is coming your way. And if matters of the heart are of a great importance to you, a deep romantic involvement will present itself to you. Work your magic. Your clear and focused intentions will take action towards creating healing and the manifestations you desire. Have steady faith and a positive outcome will come to you naturally.

OX – Walk away from restrictions and be free. You have the right to change your life so that you can experience more freedom. It’s time to leave a situation that you’ve outgrown and question the validity of any rules that have been imposed on you. Progress may appear slow at this moment. Nevertheless, matters of concern will gradually move towards your desired end. By proceeding slowly and carefully, you will gain experiences that will put you in an advantageous position. By overcoming barriers, you’ll find something you love, find your true calling, and you will awaken a passion to find the life that you long for and desire. Helpful people will be available to you to achieve greater recognition and status. There will be cause for celebration!

TIGER – Trust your heart’s true desires even if you can’t clearly see how the outcome will manifest. You need to walk in faith and be true to yourself. Trust your intuition and act accordingly. You’ll be guided to make important and happy life changes. Divine guidance is available through your intuition. Take extra precautions with your health, make sure you get enough rest, wash your hands frequently and stay warm. If you are exposed to something, don’t mess around, concentrate on preventative measures and take the time to recuperate fully. There will be speed and accomplishment. So do not become fearful, name your fears and meet them head on. Fears are voices inside of you that need to be heard and honored. When you listen to them and act appropriately, they can finally be released. At this time, you’re vulnerable to someone hustling you, so take heed and then all will be well.

RABBIT – A flow of prosperity is coming your way! Get access to it through your subconscious mind. Change is possible. Reinforce the belief systems that best support you. Females born under the sign of the Rabbit will be particularly prosperous at this time. You may experience some difficulties at the beginning of the month, but as time progresses things will get easier. You will feel emotional at present. Your divine purpose will be sparked with confidence and vision. Tap into your manifestation power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. You have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones. Visualize and affirm prosperity. You have the backing to make a desired life change right now. Take action and go for it!

DRAGON – Some exceptional, unexpected, and wonderful experiences will befall the Dragon this month. There is a sign of something out of the ordinary course of events occurring; something so remarkable you’ll be thrilled! You have a highly individual personality and are not afraid of being unconventional; embrace this to make a bold decision and break from tradition. A good mindset at this time is to be a student again, ask questions, be open to learning and expand your horizons. Stay focused and don’t be distracted by short-term situations, dramas or other people’s demands. Devote regular amounts of time towards your own productivity and projects. Say no to distractions, and you will see results. Heaven will bestow a special favor; success is in the picture. Raise your spirits and concentrate on your true heart’s desire and you will receive a pearl of wisdom – Happy Dragon!

SNAKE – A mystery will be revealed. It will be difficult keeping a secret. You are called to meditate regularly. Even a small amount of time devoted to daily meditation will bring you great gifts. You don’t need formal training; simply a matter of sitting quietly, closing your eyes, breathing and listening. Listen to meditation CDs. A younger female will play an important role in your life, or the solution to a problem will be found through a young girl. Avoid becoming self-indulgent. Let the current momentum transmit the old into the new. See what you’re holding onto and release the brakes, allow the change to come swiftly and easily – remove any resistance. All in all, it’s a favorable time to get centered. Take some time for introspection and things will proceed smoothly into the new year.

HORSE – There will be a happy conclusion to your trials and tribulations, bringing out emotions that make you gleeful! Detach from drama. Don’t get pulled into various plots twists or compelling characters; instead, view life as a movie. Be somewhat detached so that things will be resolved without expending too much energy. Have compassion for others, but don’t let them bring you down. Become a teacher. Show your leadership qualities to others by staying detached. You’ll be able to guide others in the proper direction by approaching problem this way. This is an excellent time to write, research or apply for scholarships. There will be success regarding a letter or document. In the year of the Horse, you found your destiny – now you must follow it. Keep in mind, when your personal agenda is released and the middle ground is found, that’s where you’ll find a well-balanced happiness and peace of mind.

GOAT – You may find yourself reflecting on a change in direction in life. You’ve attracted certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. And, in the same way, people and situations you once found desirable are now moving out of your life because you have shifted your spiritual path. If you want to change what or whom you attract, hold more positive loving and joyful thoughts. The situation is not a reward or punishment; you have attracted it, which means that you can also repel or magnify it as you choose. Honor your word and hold onto it tightly, for an oath to the gods is not to be taken lightly. This is a reminder that a promise to the divine powers is no joking matter; you must fill your obligations. Be cautious of overacting and competing with others – don’t waste your energy in this way or you will become exhausted; learn to trust. An older woman may play a significant role in your life at this time whether it be a mother, older relative or the elder of two sisters. Your creative ideas are taking flight, assisting you in bringing your creations into the world. What needs healing??

MONKEY – Stay on your toes, play a role, do your job and mind your own business. Stop worrying about money. Worrying only attracts more money problems. Instead, focus on abundance and a new flow of prosperity. This in turn will support you and your loved ones. Think regeneration: this energy will renew and support your entire being. Bringing your mind into the right mindset, will allow ideas to flow effortlessly and the appropriate result in all situations will manifest. There is indication that you may have overlooked the practicality in a problem; even though the ideas are brilliant (Monkeys can be so smart and clever!) there is a need for greater thoroughness and attention to detail. This month, sound plays an important role in your Feng Shui, be sure you are listening to pleasant music or have ambient sounds that nurture and relax you or if need to be energized play positive, upbeat music. Have a swinging good time!

ROOSTER – An authoritative figure or masculine energy person will play a fundamental role in the month ahead whether it be a father, senior male relative, colleague or the elder of two boys. Through persistent action and positive thinking, your dreams are manifesting into form. You’re headed up the stairs, so keep going! Persistence pays off, so stick with it; you have the ability to overcome difficult material obstacles. You are spiritually developing more compassion for others. Take a look at your current habits and immediately change any behaviors that are self-destructive. Overworking creates struggle and can lead to exhaustion. Address this, and then your outlook is very promising and there will be a wealth of new offerings. Sound will play a key role in your Feng Shui this month, be sure you have wonderful ambient music around you that matches your soundtrack to life. Shake your tail feathers!

DOG – It’s important to be in the present moment. Now is the time to embrace your beauty and your feelings and honor your body’s wisdom. Know that you are one with Mother Nature. Find your earthly intuitive center, and be at peace in your element. Your likes and dislikes have changed, and you have outgrown a situation that once appealed to you. Some of the stressful situations were blessings in disguise; they were simply pushing you towards greater change. Stay put until you’re ready to move forward, and then let the universe support you; let go and enjoy the ride. This could be an excellent time to take a retreat or move to the mountains. Be assertive and say no to anything that diverts you from your path. This is a time of self-reflection and change of direction. You’re able to discern the real qualities of people around you and appreciate their individual worth. It is important that you remain open and allow others to be drawn close to you; wonderful progress is at hand.

PIG – Don’t be fooled by a false promise – little will come from it. You’re fulfilling your dreams whether this takes the form of traditional artistic endeavors, your relationships or your home life. Don’t let mundane responsibilities bury your aspirations. Set aside time each week for your own personal creativity to shine. You are faced with a dilemma or crossroads. A road must be chosen, or it will be impossible to travel any further. Some sacrifice will be made. Your dilemma is whether the sacrifice will be worth it. It is important to stay balanced and see both sides of the coin. Things will be in sync and working together, eventually. These are powerful times where a release and shift in your life is necessary. Remember to open your heart to love. Love is the answer to every question. The more you allow yourself to love, the greater depth and meaning your life holds. Forgive those who have hurt you and remember to love yourself. That will make the Piggy heart shine!

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