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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope YEAR OF THE GOAT- MONTH OF THE PIG

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present –   November 12, 2015 – December 10, 2015

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We are now entering a new lunar cycle—the month of the Pig. The animal that governs this year is the Goat. The Goat and Pig are receptive to each others needs. Both the Goat and Pig are all too willing to reach out and share their deepest feelings of love with one another. Look for a harmonious autumnal holiday season.

The Pig has a Three Harmonies relationship with the Goat (Rabbit/Goat/Pig), so there will be an improvement over the last few months. There are lucky stars shining, which will help bring advancement in careers, as well as new prospects and opportunities.

This combo brings with it a vibration of enjoyment which is expressed when dining out, going to parties, or enjoying memorable meals (i.e., Thanksgiving). Of course, all this great eating and breaking bread together will generate positive relations.

Remember that holiday times can be the most challenging. So stay in tune with the harmony of this alliance (Goat and Pig) and remain detached from the drama. Don’t get pulled into the various plot twists and turns or the emotional outbursts of unstable and reactionary people. Unnecessary drama can pull you down. Instead view it as you would a movie, and maintain a detached perspective. It will drive you crazy if you continue to focus on other people’s issues and engage in gossiping or the prejudging of others. Get in touch with the compassion in your heart; it will be better for everyone involved (especially for you), and you will have the ultimate positive holiday experience.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

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Year of the Goat, Month of the Pig

Rat – New ideas and revelations come into mind. Doors are opening for you right now, but timing is everything. Give your ideas time to develop; nurture yourself and your projects so they can stay strong. You have the Midas touch, things you create could turn to gold. There could be some good news about a pregnancy or an adoption. There will be a great deal of activity requiring concentrated effort over short periods of time. Honor your boundaries and shift your current circumstances; never compromise the truth of who you are.

– Helping and healing others will be in the forefront of your activities. Just as you’ve been healed, you will want to support others in health and vitality. Be open to the miracles of healing. Study alternative therapies to see if any are right for you. Your personal relationships with family and friends will be highlighted. There could be new romantic prospects or a possible deepening of your current relationship. It’s time to bring out the proverbial peace pipe and settle your differences with adversaries using strength and courage to find compromise.

Tiger – Follow your heart. The outcome may be unclear at this time, but your heart knows the right path. Walk in faith. No matter how significant the life changes you face, you will be divinely supported. Pursuing partnerships or joint ventures will have positive results. Shackles are broken and restrictions lifted, providing freedom in the form of release from contractual or other obligations. A new realization that you act upon will bring you mental clarity and conscious understanding.

Rabbit – Although a current situation may seem challenging, try to find the blessing within it. Things will only get worse if you curse them and create an energy block. To recognize the blessing is to draw healing energy towards oneself. Replace worry with positive affirmation. All will be resolved with the power of gratitude. An authority figure will play a key role at this time, providing much needed help and support. Concentrate on spiritual regeneration. It will replenish your entire being.

Dragon – You’ve been receiving many signs and messages. It’s time to write these omens down. It’s important to get these ideas on paper, do not worry about proper English or grammatical mechanics, you can go back and fix that later. Keep track of all this in a journal. Be sure to include your goals, desires, and intentions. Be free from an agenda and remain open to all possibilities. Leave your calendar open, and if you have the opportunity to travel take it. Communications and dealings on a personal level will prove to be successful.

Snake – A new male in your life will prove to be very important, possibly as a business partner or in a personal relationship. You should realize that your past experiences with males will affect your perception of the current situation. Heal old wounds and release the negative energy of anger, blame, or guilt. This process will make way for healthy relationships. Transformation renewal and resurrection are key words for you right now. There will be a great deal of unexpected activity encroaching upon your spare time. Look for shifts and changes, but know that you will come out better for it.

Horse – Concentrate on health and healing, you will feel compelled to help and heal others. Make the necessary life changes to maintain the health and well-being of yourself and others important to you. Be open to the miracle of healing, like the release of restrictive thinking, pursue alternative therapies, and see what is right for you. Get in tune with clearing energy to purify your home and surroundings. Expect a transformational idea to cause paradigms to shift. You will have razor-sharp clarity in an issue that has been concerning you. Practice tolerance when dealing with people. After all, they are only human. There will be success and financial gain.

Goat – Breathe deeply and stretch. A yoga regime will prove to have invaluable benefits to your health and well-being. You will gain psychic awareness, flexibility, and increased clarity. Also, it would be good for you to get out and practice yoga with others. You will find you make friends easily with fellow Yoginis. There is a weighty decision you are facing, which is a double-edged sword in that a sacrifice must be made either way. This choice could be irrevocable and release you from a contractual or some other type of obligation. You cannot put off this decision as you are standing at a crossroads right now and must proceed.

Monkey – You are being called upon to walk in faith and be true to yourself. Follow your heart. Even though the outcome is unclear as of now, your heart knows the right path. Trust your intuition and act accordingly. Volunteer your services for local charities and community events, and you will receive many good karma points by doing so. Get out into the wide open spaces for curative benefit. Communing with nature (both flora and fauna) will bring you much happiness and infuse your spirit with affirmation. Helpful people will assist and guide you when dealing with family, friends, or amazingly, animals. Maintain clear and healthy boundaries, especially during the holidays.

Rooster – Like your most compatible sign, the Dragon, you need to put pen to paper or touchpad to screen. This is a solid reminder to write. Roosters love to pay attention to the details, but for right now, don’t worry about the punctuation or spelling, you can take care of that later. Now is the time to express your emotions creatively. Many channeled messages will come to you through cosmic airways. By keeping a daily journal, you will be able to get those experiences and feelings transmuted to a higher level. If on occasion you professionally write articles, blogs, or books, this is the time to dig in. You can ask the higher realms about your writing project to gain deeper understanding.

Dog – Females play an important role in the month ahead. Look at your relationships between your mother, wife, sister, daughter, or girlfriend and if you find unresolved issues, now is the time to seek resolution. By not doing so you could create imbalances, blocks, and a slowing of the materializations you wish to achieve. Heaven is on your side and will lend you a helping hand to settle difficulties with your female relationships—just sincerely ask and genuinely listen. By doing so you will attract positive feminine energy and all that it represents. Your courage comes from deep within and will help transport you to a positive future. Celebrate the courage you have found to face your inner demons, and maintain the fortitude to eradicate your outer demons.

Pig – Since you are in the center of the spotlight of the month, it is time for some housekeeping spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Everyone knows Pigs are very sensitive (none more so than you!), and you have been exposed to some toxic energy. It’s time to clear that energy and elevate the Chi of your person, home, and office. Get rid of any clutter and items that you think hold negativity or that trigger negative emotions. Bless them and donate or throw them away. This also holds true for unwanted emotional baggage. Ask higher powers to shield you from any further disturbances. Use crystals to act as buffers. Though the holidays are upon as, monitor your intake, especially since certain substances related to holiday cheer can also turn toxic if moderation is not followed. Practice restraint and you can raise your energy level and keep it clean and clear.

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