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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope YEAR OF THE GOAT- MONTH OF THE MONKEY

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2015 Goat Year monkey month

Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope



August 14 – September 12, 2015
We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Monkey. The animal that governs this year is the Goat. This combination is a friendly and compatible one, though the Monkey tends to be more wild and in need of social stimulation. The Goat is very sensual, the Monkey, agile and quick. Because the monkey’s energy is very intense, now is a good time to be more cautious and mindful. This is a good time to honor your ancestors.
“On life’s journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day, and right mindfulness is the protection by night.”
~ Buddha

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Rat –Compassion and a willingness to look at both sides of an issue may bring resolution. Be ready to humbly accept an apology, and know that ‘forgive and forget’ is the policy that would serve you best. Your hopes can become realities with more ease than originally anticipated; possibly involving a relationship. A Rabbit or Tiger person will figure prominently in the month ahead. Leave your old methods behind, and you’ll break through and illuminate the path for others. Great joy and happiness shall prevail.

Ox –This month’s focus should be on your health, and the well-being of those important to you. You will be supported, and the difference could be life-changing. You are a healer; perhaps this is a good time to study healing methods. Be wary of the tendency to initially over-complicate plans into something unattainable, better to concentrate on simple basics first, before moving on to the deeper stuff. Save decision-making until after the natural process of elimination has narrowed options down to fewer choices. What at first looked unpromising will end in gratification.

Tiger –It may be time for that important conversation you’ve been meaning to have with a friend or loved one. Be brave; let them know exactly how you feel, and what it means to you. Then they’ll know where you’re really coming from, and the result will be a true understanding of who you are. Spiritual support for this endeavor will come to you through meditation, and your life essence will be empowered. You show tenacity and perseverance and an ability to get things done. With strength and determination, you will achieve success. Expect a joyful reunion.

Rabbit –This is a time for spiritual growth and the release of old concepts and outgrown situations. Trials and tribulations were necessary for you to expand in a way that will ultimately prove beneficial. There may be a special message waiting for you in the mountains, so an alpine excursion could be in order. Save your decision-making until after the natural process of elimination has narrowed it down to fewer choices. When the answer becomes clear, say no to that which would divert you from your path. A helpful person is coming into either your personal or professional life. Get ready for a happy, joyful occurrence that you will remember for quite some time.

Dragon – There’s positive energy surrounding the Dragon this month. The Monkey and the Dragon are a very harmonious combination. You may need to make a greater effort or outlay than you anticipated, but the results will be well worth it. Be just yet firm in your dealings and accept that everyone wants to feel that they’ve come out ahead. You know how to get what you want and you are good at it. Everything should proceed smoothly, especially if you meditate regularly; give yourself some “me” time, and you will receive a creative spark of ideas that you will find truly rewarding.

Snake – Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Plan your day around your most important project and make a concentrated effort to plow through the difficulties necessary to achieve success. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can move on and feel the joyful sensation of fulfillment. Monetarily and in your investments, there will be a window of opportunity, which you must grasp when it is at hand as it won’t last long. Snakes love to luxuriate so take time out for nurturing; go to the spa and get a massage, a beauty treatment, facial or pedicure. It will be a magical moment for a deserving soul, so be ready to receive.

Horse – Masculine energy plays a key role this month. Release all negative notions and start afresh in your dealings with men. Don’t allow the ghosts of the past to adversely affect your present situations. Let go of painful emotions that interfere with healthy relationships and accept the masculine energy around you as well as from within. An extraordinary event will take you by surprise; such as an unexpected proposal or a new unconventional direction opening up in front of you. You can express yourself freely and be unrestricted by preconceived limitations. Remember that life is a dance.

Goat – Seek purity in all you do. Check in with your intentions and motivations, and allow integrity to prevail. Carry that over into your personal life by maintaining a pure diet that avoids chemicals and toxins. Stay away from processed or fast foods, and cleanse if need be. By doing this, you will attract what you truly require; a pearl of wisdom that will serve you well in the future. You will have successful dealings with a person of high rank. There will be a positive gain and a reward will be granted. Progress, development, and expansion are all on the horizon.

Monkey – If you have been feeling the inkling to write, now is the time to proceed, whether it be music, prose, poetry, or even doodling and brainstorming ideas. Don’t get hung up in the mechanics of writing, just get your ideas down by whatever means available. Keep a journal, diary, or blog, as your ideas are necessary right now. Like a Lotus you emerge anew from the mire; there will be a freeing of the soul through insight and you will be able to read the motives of others. This is a sign of inner vision. Warning!!! (Yep I said warning!) Abandon the notion that high drama can improve your situation. It actually serves to create confusion in your life, as well as the lives of the ones you love. Allow yourself to experience the peace and happiness that the Lotus can bring.

Rooster – You have a green light to cross the street to healthy and harmonious relationships. The universe supports you in doing so. Make your move away from toxic situations and towards what is desirable. Hire a life coach or bring in a feng shui consultant to direct you down the right path. Good news – you will experience either a small financial gain, or the discovery that something you possess holds greater value than previously thought. Honor all contracts and agreements. Be conscious of where you stand and be sincere in all your dealings. The gods of wealth are smiling upon the rooster this month so; align yourself to receive their gifts.

Dog– It’s time to honor your creative self. You have hidden talents yet to be discovered, so go ahead and experiment with new means of expression. Art, (i.e. music, writing, photography, dancing, or whatever expresses the inner you) is an important way to release suppressed emotions that could lead to depression and addiction. Don’t allow the high drama of others to take control of your life. Move away from conflict and towards inner peace and happiness. An upcoming opportunity is yours, and the window of time to take advantage of it may be a short one, so don’t allow it to slip through your fingers, or in your case paws. Be ready to pounce, and enjoy your doggie treat!

Pig –Joy is the highest vibration, and you experience it most doing what you love to do. Happiness removes all obstacles on the road to your desires. When you carry positivity, making joy the primary focus in your relationships, not only do you benefit, but others are healed. Keep the spirit of bliss around you at all times. Watching a comedy, having a good laugh, or telling a joke will attract a higher vibration into your life. A younger woman will play a significant role in the month ahead. Enjoy the company of youthful family members and friends. The monkey month will bring transformation, so be ready for a positive change.

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