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April 19th 2015 – May 17th 2015


We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Dragon- while the animal that governs the year is the Goat. The Goat and Dragon can actually end up complementing each other but compromise must be laid on the table for it to work. Passions can run hot and cold and much effort and patience will need to be applied. Show leadership in situations and give the gift of knowledge where needed, but be careful not to give unwanted advice; sensitivities can be overlooked.

The best attitude to adapt in the time ahead is by embracing the basic principles of yoga; stretch, breathe, and become more flexible. Look for new perspectives, especially if you feel challenged, fearful or stuck. Avoid rigidity and life will go more smoothly. In finances be careful of sudden changes. By the end of the month, things will be on the upturn again.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away“~ Vicki Corona

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Year of the Goat – Month of the Dragon by Marina Lighthouse with Kristin Clark

Rat – You have the endurance to ride through change and triumph over obstacles. Instead of feeling stuck, look at the situation as a gift of time. Don’t feel lost, regroup and find your observation point. Getting into yoga would greatly benefit you. This will help you gain the flexibility, energy, and the clarity you need. If you don’t want to take a formal yoga class, then simply stretching and practicing breathe work will suffice. Pay attention to your kitchen. Make sure that it has positive energy and makes you smile. If need be, add some “fun” music while doing tasks there. Say “Cheese!” to happier times ahead!

Ox – Undoubtedly there will be an event that will cause you some happiness, but be cautious. Do not mistake a hustler for a friend; your ability to distinguish what is true and what is false is clouded at this time. There is a situation that is causing use of upset or strong emotions. Look at the other person’s point of view in order to gain insight. Once you can do that you will find creative solutions. Stand back, or ask a trusted true friend for advice on the situation. Pay attention to your front entrance. Make sure that visitors aren’t confused knowing which way to proceed. Clearly designate the primary entrance with a welcome sign, flag, wind chime: something that will get attention.

Tiger – Are you being manipulated or are you manipulating others? The need to control or be controlled comes from a lack of faith in life. Your self-worth is at the root of this, so hold yourself and others as sacred. Let’s spirit take the reins of your life. Don’t be seduced by what is beneath you. Look at both sides of an issue. Stay balanced. It’s time to give more practical consideration to a problem. You’ll have many bright ideas, but be sure to be thorough and detail oriented. This is an excellent time to write and get your feeling out on a pad of paper or laptop. Don’t worry about perfect English; express yourself! Pay attention to your dining room. Be sure that it sets a stage for a long relaxing meal or for that matter, go ahead and invite some friends that you’ve been intending to connect with for a while over! Your sweetheart or significant other needs to have some intimate moments with you; make the time for them.

Rabbit – A young girl plays a significant role in the month ahead; this could be a daughter or younger friend or perhaps a younger female woman will be helpful with a romance that you are interested in exploring. Spend some time looking at your living or family room. Make sure it’s comfortable and that the TV doesn’t dominate. You want your space to be conducive to having people gather. You have many loyal buddies and you should celebrate them. Pass on at tradition communicate what you know with others. It’s time to stretch and practice breath work. If you participate in yoga, this is an excellent time to put more energy in that direction. It will help give you toning and greater psychic awareness. Your inner child is calling, so let go of your baggage and schemes and dance in the radiance of life and expression.

Dragon– if you have the opportunity to go out in the garden, get your hands into the dirt and be nurtured by connecting with the earth’s energy. Choose peace, and listen to your heart’s inner truth; there’s always an alternative to conflict. Through developing your meditation and yoga practice, your outlook is extremely good. Review the placement of your home and see if you’re being bombarded with too much energy, or not enough. Make corrections accordingly. Using mirrors in this endeavor can be very useful. Be careful not to give unwanted advice as Master Lin Yun always taught us answer the question as loudly as the bell was rung. Something out of the ordinary, something remarkable or curious is on its way..

Snake – Water is a key element this month. Utilize its energy to turn blocked progress into a liberating action. Visualize the water flowing through difficulties and carrying you on your way. Look at gradual progress as a positive thing; if you can be content, then your outlook is very good. Your heart is a gateway to receptivity. Open your heart to love, and forgive those who seem to have hurt you. Do the energy work necessary, and the answers will be revealed. You just need to ask and it shall be given. The energy of manifestation is around you, whether it be an inheritance, a beneficial career change, some good health news, or property or gifts, something will manifest. So take advantage of all opportunities, and know that you are blessed.

Horse– Set your intentions and let your dreams and desires be known to the heavens. You may have been feeling stuck but know that the sensation of not moving forward was just giving you the time necessary to observe. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Even a small amount of time devoted to this practice will bring you great gifts. Concentrate on the meditation area. Invest in a Do Not Disturb sign, and make sure that the space is clear of clutter. If necessary, use a screen to create a boundary. If you don’t formally meditate just simply close your eyes, sit quietly, and breathe. Now is the time for cultivation not action; this sets the stage for wonderful things to manifest for you.

Goat – There is hard work ahead, but it will pay off in lasting values, along abiding friendship, long life, or wealth that will not dissipate. Persevere in your career, for there with be recognition. Look at yourself and analyze whether you’ve been overly critical of others or of yourself. Don’t be excessively orderly or compulsively clean this can lead to exhaustion like swimming against the current. Some situations are blessings in disguise pushing you to make necessary changes, let go and enjoy the ride, What you need is within your reach, and the change will be positive. There is a big yes, being displayed on the proverbial screen of your life. It’s time to bring manifest beauty into the world.

Monkey – Honor your inner guidance and intuitive knowing. Take no counsel, but follow your own wisdom. Go deep into your inner landscape. Embrace the new observation point and realize you do have a choice. Once again we remind you to come out of the closet. Have a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one, or allow other people to see your true nature. You are being spiritually supported in this process. Let go of judging yourself and others. The more authentic you are, the more success you’ll see in all of your projects. Support yourself by adjusting the knowledge corner, which is the lower left corner nearest to a room’s entrance. Enhance the energy of this area by adding plants, mirrors, crystals, diplomas or spiritual icons that represent wisdom. Is there a favorite book of wisdom that you need or could really read at this time?

Rooster – There are great rewards for those who are unafraid to work hard. Pay attention to the Earth and Water element. If there is too little Earth element we feel disconnected from daily routine and those around us. Add this necessary element by adding square shapes, earth tones, and objects near the ground. Water energy is just as important. Dehydration can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or irritability. Drink water to flush energies and toxins from your body. Better yet, bless the water before drinking it for a boost of positive energy. Now is the time to celebrate day-to-day victories and to enjoy life’s sweet and simple pleasures. Share with your community the lessons you’ve learned, for you are an asset who can bring hope and fulfillment to the whole.

Dog – There is an important completion in your life now. Acknowledge what no longer serves you, and let it ascend to spirit. Be open to new beginnings and you will notice that things are in sync working together. Remain persistent in positive thinking, and your dreams will manifest into form. Break projects down into smaller steps so that you can enjoy the thrill of accomplishment with every move you make. Expect to see an increase in your wealth shortly, or a promotion. To support success, be sure to assess the light within your room or workspace. Read the current Monthly Treasures (scroll down the home page to find it) for ideas and suggestions.

Pig – Romance is in the air. There’s also a possibility that a younger girl will play an important role in the time ahead. One way or another, you will be influenced by her. Listen to your gut feelings. Notice any synchronistic occurrences and record them, even if they at first appear trivial. The Dream Book by Betty Bethards is an outstanding book for the reference and interpretation of meaningful symbols, events, omens, and dreams. You are involved in a situation that needs energy healing. The good news is that you have the ability to do that. You can clear not only by adjusting the Feng Shui of your home, office or vehicle, but also and especially by sending love into the situation. Create strong, powerful boundaries. Remember that what you let into your psyche determines the quality of your life, and the focus of your power.

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