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The Lantern Festival is a celebration held on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and marks the end of the Chinese New Year’s festivities; it falls upon the first full moon of the lunar year. It is associated with family, luck and love. Often compared to the western celebration of Valentine’s Day, because the association of romance and the full moon makes it a great time to find new love as well as new beginnings.


This is a festival with deep roots throughout Asian history, and it is widely celebrated. There are a number of traditions that take place on this special day, all have great meaning and significance for those who take part. Perhaps, not surprisingly, a mainstay of this tradition is the lighting of beautifully decorated lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Children take to the streets carrying lit paper lanterns with riddles and puzzles inscribed on them. Also firecrackers are set off and Fireworks are featured under the backdrop of the full moon.


Participate in the celebration! What better way to enjoy the festival than to take part in it? You could opt for the most traditional aspect of the day; lighting a lantern – a simple one will do!

It is an opportune time to make heartfelt wishes come true. A young woman who is looking to find a compatible husband would cast oranges into the sea or river and say, “Oranges I throw: Good spouse will follow.” Similarly men would throw apples for a good wife. For a house one would throw pebbles and repeat “These stones I throw, Bungalows galore.”


Symbolic Round Foods – Of course there is a food aspect to any great festival; so as you wander outside to fview the clear moonlight why not try eating some traditional festival food? Tangyuan is a rice ball with various sweet fillings like peanut butter or sesame paste, its round shape symbolizes the togetherness of family. These could be hard to find, so you can also substitute with a western version (Moon pie or macaroons – Yummy!) Having treats will make for a fun Lantern Festival.


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Wishing you good Feng Shui and a HaPPy Lantern Festival!~  Marina LighthouseLanern Festival 3

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