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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope – YEAR OF THE GOAT- MONTH OF THE TIGER

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present

astro header Feb 2015

February 19th – March 19th, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

A new animal is the ruler of the Lunar Year…. All hail the Wood Goat!

As with every first month of the Lunar New Year, the Tiger month is at the beginning of each new lunar year cycle. The nature of the Goat follows the compulsions of the heart when engaging with the world and the Tiger uses the mind to make sense of the world around them. Thus this match up when stressed can make the Goat come off as sentimental and the Tiger appear as emotionally distant. Being open-minded and open hearted is key when communicating with others at this time. Look for a lot more correspondence and travel. Expect more short hops or frequent journeys. Break big goals into smaller steps, and take one step today. There will be many new documents generated taking front and center in many people’s lives.

Now with the start of the Goat year, keep yourself as cheerful and as optimistic as possible. Get more physical and get out in nature if possible. Be charitable, kind and social; enjoy your family and friends.

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Month of the Tiger  – Year of the Goat by Marina Lighthouse with Kristin Clark

Rat: Last year the Rat faced many obstacles, but this year, perseverance will be rewarded. Even so, Rats need to detach from personal drama in which they’ve become caught. The best thing to do is to let go and concentrate on a positive resolution. Continue to pursue projects that bring positive energy. Now is not the time to become bogged down under mundane responsibility. Finally, Rats will arrive at a crossroad. In order to continue as they should, a sacrifice may be called for. Best to cut loose, it will be worth it in the end.

Ox: This month the Ox needs to find the blessing in the current situation. When a challenging situation is cursed, energy becomes blocked, making it all that much worse. Finding the hidden blessing and using positive affirmations will help greatly. The South is a fortunate direction for Ox this month. They’ll find success there.
Beware of anger. Don’t give in if provoked; let the moment pass. This is also a good month to steer clear of gossip. By avoiding negativity and paying attention to details, disaster will be averted.

Tiger: This month is a great time to leave a toxic situation and go toward a desirable one. The universe supports moving on. Even so, Tigers in solid relationships can expect to continue enjoying those. This is a good time for Tigers to head in a southern direction. Romance is favored at this time, and Tigers can expect a marked improvement in health. Rejoicing in other’s success will allow the Tiger to enjoy his or her own.

Rabbit: This month Rabbits need to have faith in themselves and keep their focus. Help will come from all sides, and auspicious energy surrounds them. Symptoms of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and even excessive hunger could all be signs of dehydration in disguise. Drink up Rabbits! Water helps flush toxic energy, and blessing it before consumption it will boost its positive effects. Avoid chemical laden liquids. Being near creeks, rivers, lakes or other bodies of water is soothing and good.Don’t get buried under mundane tasks this month – be sure to take time out each week for creativity and fun.

Dragon: This is a good month for Dragons to cultivate their meditation practice. Something that initially seems troublesome will turn out to be fine. Choose peace over conflict. East is a particularly fortunate direction. Not only is it a symbol of new beginnings, but it is a power direction for Dragons. By noticing people’s similarity more than their differences, Dragons can expect to feel a deepening connection with all life and an intensifying empathy for all beings. This is the dawn of a conscious awakening.

Snake: A stalemate will finally be over when the Snake makes a decision. This will be weighty and irrevocable, but will provide release. Once a stage of life is completed and learned from, there’s no need to live it over and over. This month, when faced with a situation that holds within it the possibility for differing outcomes, Snakes must choose the one that gives the greatest sense of peace to body and mind. This is how they will know the correct path to take. Connect to heaven, pray for guidance and help, and it will be received.

Horse: This month Horses will benefit greatly from working with crystals. Carry, wear or implement them for healing, protection, and increased intuition. This is a very charismatic time for Horses. They’re galloping in an upward direction with the opportunity to appreciate the finer things in life. They need to be careful not to let passionate situations trip them off balance, though. Horses will enjoy peace, contentment and freedom from anxiety. This is a time of recovery during which they are able to come to peace with formerly difficult situations. It is important for them to be content with all they have.

Goat: Be particularly cautious when it comes to figures in authority this month. Special emphasis should be placed on doing the right thing, even if it seems no one is watching. This is a good time for Goats to strengthen their relationships. They should honor themselves and those they love. By knowing themselves, they’ll attract into their lives the right people. Male figures will play a big role. This is a good time to release old wounds. By radically forgiving, one can heal one’s own masculine energy. Goats should stay on track and good fortune will be theirs.

Monkey: When Monkeys say “yes” to freedom, the universe says “yes” to them! It is possible that something they’ve invested time in isn’t going to turn out the way they thought it would, but this is an opportunity to take a break in order to think about available options with clarity. One may be tempted to manipulate a situation to get what one wants, but this is not a good idea. Travel is a highly desirable activity this month, even if it is for only a short distance. Good opportunities await Monkeys who physically show up.

Rooster: This month the Rooster has a remarkable capacity for energetic healing using hands, heart and head. This extends to healing body, vehicle, and home. It’s an excellent month for interested Roosters to pursue Reiki, Qi Gong, or Feng Shui to benefit themselves as well as others. Communicating with loved ones benefits all. This is also a good time to reflect on one’s life direction. A young woman could play a dominant role in the upcoming cycle. Whatever plans the Rooster has will be aided by helpful individuals, and Heaven sends its blessings.

Dog: You have been so generous with others that it’s time for them to nurture themselves; detoxing, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising. Luck favors the prepared – self care will help Dogs to be alert to any unexpected challenges, such as someone potentially laying a trap. Keeping an even keel will aid in discerning the difference between compassion and neurotic attachment.This is an excellent time to be social. Go out for entertainment; spend time with friends. Dogs will enjoy extraordinary luck this month.

Pig: Do not resist the urge your artistic talents are in need of creative expression. If this goes unexpressed, it could lead to difficulties. A trapped energy can result in feelings of fatigue, depression, and anxiety, which may possibly lead to addiction. Even if Pigs feel unpolished, it is vital for them to express themselves. They need to take the time to draw, paint, sing, act, play an instrument, or take picture. Unlocking creativity will also unlock their life’s purpose. This is a good time to check in with loved ones, reconnect with significant others. Pigs psychic channels are quite open and they are able to sense things moving to a fortunate conclusion.

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