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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope YEAR OF THE HORSE – MONTH OF THE RAT

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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope



 November 22nd, 2014 –  December 21st, 2014


We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Rat – while the animal that governs the year is the Horse. The Rat and the Horse have an oppositional relationship. This is a time to conserve so that you will have energy in reserve. Self-cultivation is the key; develop a meditation or relaxation practice that will enable you to deal with issues clearly and in a detached manner as they arise.

This month for many will be an emotional ride. Center yourself through activities that bring you inner peace. Develop your communication skills to avoid frustration or the misunderstanding of others’ intentions. The global situation will feel more unstable. Be cautious financially. Everyone should be careful to stay out of arguments and choose their battles wisely.

“Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.” ~ Diana Robinson

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Month of the Rat – Year of the Horse

RAT – It’s time to express yourself and let your true feelings and beliefs be known, this may involve having a heart-to-heart talk with someone close to you. Allow others to get to know the real you. Soon you will experience an initiation of some kind. The more authentic you are, the higher the energy will be for success in your projects. Now is the time when you will be able to offer service without fear of criticism. In relationships, timing is important, it’s better to bide your time and wait for the right moment. Don’t spoil the person you are trying to reach out to with too much attention or material gifts; this can distract you from following a spiritual path. You may need to make a greater outlay or effort than you anticipated in the project/relationship you are working on, but the end result will be worthwhile.

OX – In any given situation decide clearly what you will and won’t accept this clarity will bring you immediate results. You’re focused intentions will create the manifestations that you desire. You can overcome the fear of failure and be able to rise above present difficulties. Be careful not to overreact or begin competing with those around you. This would be a waste of energy and prove to be exhausting. Instead, open yourself up completely to your vital energy and feel a connection with the pleasure of living life in each moment. Relationships play a key role in the month ahead. Your partner will remain faithful and long-devoted to you. This could be in professional work or in your personal relationships. There is an indication that your wish will come true. Masculine energy will play an important role in the month ahead.

TIGER – You may currently be facing a challenging situation, but there is an unrecognized blessing within. This could be something that you have learned or gained for example. Acknowledge this silver lining in order to accelerate the resolution and the manifestation of your destiny. This month, the Fire Element is surrounding you. Continue to make time to develop your daily spiritual practice. As you better understand who you truly are, you will experience the growth of divine power within. You have the ability to steer your passions in artful and creative ways without consuming others in your fire. Find time to relax with friends and family, enjoying good company and libations is a key to unlocking the doors of happiness. In business, if someone approaches you with a scheme that seems too good to be true, it probably is, so don’t fall for it. Keep your Tiger guard up and enjoy the holiday season.

RABBIT – One sure pathway to achieving peace is to always consider the other point of view. You don’t necessarily need to agree with others, you’re just being asked to understand their motivations and to have compassion towards their feelings. This process can prevent power struggles. By seeing the other person’s point of view, a door opens allowing a creative solution to enter. By thinking of others’ needs first, you will garner an abundance of energy, and the wisdom to use it wisely. Remember, too much cleverness or impractical knowledge can cloud your mind; it is pure wisdom that you hope to develop so stay focused on the simple truth. As it happens, the Rabbit’s guardian Buddha is Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. Success will come gradually, so do not be impatient. Watch and wait for a favorable time to pursue your dreams. With patient endurance, you’ll be able to ride monumental change in triumph. To an impending question, the answer is YES.

DRAGON – You’ve been indoors too long and need a refreshing break from stressful conditions. There is always time to pause for fresh air, no matter how busy you are. The healing effects of nature will revive your energy and outlook, bringing you new ideas and a fresh perspective. By guarding your five senses against inappropriate distractions, you will gain the power to overcome karmic obstacles in your life. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled away from your spiritual quest. You have the power to pierce through stagnant attitudes and beliefs, clearing the way to the realization of your dreams. This is a time of consolidation, as you may already possess the components of what it is you are seeking. Keep your mind focused on the bird in hand. Be in the present moment and find happiness.

SNAKE – Snakes are one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac and prefer to remain elusive. It’s now time to make your true feelings and beliefs be known. This may seem to be an impossibility, but if you can have a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one and reveal who you truly are you’ll find that you are genuinely loved. As you continue on your spiritual journey, your actions will be spontaneous and appropriate. Avoid sitting in judgment of others. It’s a beautiful thing when you can give credit where credit’s due and rejoice in other people’s successes. You may need to put greater effort into a situation, whether it is monetary, physical or emotional, the end result will be worthwhile. You are strong and talented. If you find the time for a peaceful get-away, it will be very beneficial to your overall well-being.

HORSE – Look past the superficial and see the divine in others. Let go of defensive resistance in your relationships. It’s time to forgive and forget the past hurts and start anew. If you experience sleepless nights due to stress or hounding difficulties, try not to blow things out of proportion by dwelling on them, in the light of day things will appear differently. Trust your internal voice of wisdom. Call upon your inner child to help you let go of useless baggage. Surrender your grip on the way you think things should be and allow yourself to be released from the restrictions that the world places upon you. You’re very supportive of others and in turn you will be supported yourself. You may find strong opposition to your proposal. Therefore, it will be necessary to seize an opportunity to gain the advantage. A protective ally will come to your side. If you can keep your head together and be content where you are, then the outlook is very good.

GOAT – Don’t be afraid to cut the chords of attachment to counterproductive habits, possessions or people in your life. Honor your sensitivities and keep your thoughts as positive as possible. It’s clean up time on aisle nine for the Goat! Eliminate clutter or use Feng Shui adjustments to clear the energy in your home. Ask for assistance from higher realms in dealing with complicated situations. Carry a crystal and keep your Horse Charm on to act as a buffer. You need protective shielding at this time. If you feel, your mind is becoming fanciful with thoughts blowing in all directions it may be time for you to completely realign your energies. Try not to become too preoccupied with the emotional needs of those around you. This is an excellent time for intimate communication with your loved ones. This is a time of transition in your life. Release the brakes. Something of great satisfaction is coming. This winter you will receive a divine message – follow that direction and it will turn out well.

MONKEY – There is some drama that has been upsetting your world recently, and although it’s nothing more than a projection it frightens you. There will be a helping hand that makes themselves known to you. The best advice is to detach from the drama. Don’t get pulled in by the plot twists and turns or by gossip; change the station! It’s so easy to judge others, but that will just pull you down to their level. This is a reminder to stay calm in the face of adversity. Once you can get through this current sticky situation, you’ll receive the energy of synchronicity and be able to bring about positive change and triumph over these obstacles. Once again, you’ll experience a continuation of greater abundance flowing your way. Stop being the audience and pay attention to your sweetheart for that’s where you’ll find true happiness. If you don’t have a significant other, a friendship will become more endearing. Very nice!

ROOSTER – You have the Midas Touch right now – everything is turning to gold! An extraordinary event will take you by surprise. There should be some good news coming, possibly about a birth in your family or in your circle of friends. Take a moment out of every day to find enjoyment. Now is a great time to start new projects. You will receive wisdom from higher realms, which will inspire you to appreciate and share your riches with your fellow beings. Through meditation allow your patient and receptive mind to find center and open channels so that all comes to you with perfect timing and in the greatest joy. There is an unexpected proposition in your future. If anyone tries to lure you away from your present course; just say no!

DOG – It’s time to leave a situation that you have grown accustomed to and question the validity of any rules that have been imposed on you. Be assertive and say “back off” to anyone who is overstepping their boundaries. It’s time to take a break so that you can think clearly about your desires and available options. You have the ability to overcome the most difficult material obstacles. You’ve grown spiritually and have developed compassion for others. Don’t forget you still have a long way to grow. This month expect the unexpected, the best-laid plans often need to be destroyed if they no longer serve. You will be regenerated, right down to your DNA. There is good news coming to you very quickly, perhaps a new relationship, something delightful. Stay the course. Don’t retrograde and all will be well.

PIG – Don’t use your need for perfection as an excuse for procrastination; move forward one step at a time. Set your priorities. Be assertive and say “no” to anything that diverts you from your path. You’ve outgrown a situation that once appealed to you. Perhaps this is a time to get up in the mountains to get a new and fresh perspective. It’s important that you set aside a period of time each week for your own personal creativity to shine, this will help keep your dreams alive. A guru once said, “If you’re angry or depressed, you’re living in the past. If you have fear or anxiety, you’re living in the future. The only way to find true happiness is by living in the present moment.” Name your fears and meet them head-on. For your fears are simply a questioning voice inside of you that needs to be heard. Once they are defined they can they finally be released. Enjoy the beginning of the holiday season; there will be a happy family reunion. Don’t expect too much from yourself or others, tempering your expectations will allow you to have a wonderful time.

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